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Lopez de Heredia

It all started in the middle of the nineteenth century when French negociants visited the Rioja region to find alternative sources of quality grapes to transform into wine, since the phylloxera epidemic had decimated their vineyards. Founder, Don Rafael López de Heredia y Landeta, a knowledgeable and enthusiastic student in the art of wine making, followed closely in their footsteps. Don Rafael fell in love with the region and especially the area around Haro, the mythical capital of the Rioja Alta region. He observed that there was a magical combination of soil and climate that would offer the perfect environment for producing wine that would eventually become world famous. Around 1877 he began the design and construction of the complex that is today known as the López de Heredia bodega (winery), the oldest in Haro and one of the first three houses in the Rioja region. Founded in 1877, Lopez de Heredia stands out as one of the few worldwide wineries that respects and adheres to core principles taught by their ancestors. Little about this winery has changed in the 135 years since it began and the family adheres to a winemaking doctrine blueprinted in the 1880’s – to make a wine only from their own vineyards. Fermentation takes place in their 72 large oak vats, some of which are 139 years old. After fermentation, the wines are ready to be aged, in 14,000 hand-made American oak barrels. The wines remain in the underground cellars, stored at perfect temperature and tranquility, for a minimum of 3 years for crianzas and 10 years for Gran Reserva wines. Lopez de Heredia define themselves as “Vine Makers”. Their wine names are their vineyard names, 100% estate, single vineyard wines. Lopez de Heredia wants to let you experience and enjoy their terroir and soul.         Please enjoy a brief video discussing the history history of R. Lopez de Heredia.




Haro, Rioja, Spain


Avda. de Vizcaya, 3, 26200 Haro, La Rioja, Spain