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Pasqua Company San Giorgio

Founded in 1925 by brothers Nicola, Riccardo, Natale, and Umberto Pasqua, The Pasqua Company is managed by the second generation of the family, Carlo, Umberto, and Giorgio. Nowadays, it is one of the biggest privately owned wineries in Italy. At the beginning of June 2007, the company moved to the new winery located in San Felice Extra, northeast of Verona in the area of Valpantena, and is entirely surrounded by vineyards. The new building covers 18 square miles and includes the new offices, ageing cellar, tasting room, bottling facility, and warehouse. It has been built with the most advanced technology to face new challenges and offer a higher quality standard. Family, history, tradition, and respect for the terroir and environment are values that are fundamental for the company. These values are reflected in the production methods, which take great care of the vineyards and use respectful methods of vinification. The importance of research, experimentation, and innovation are evident in the constant pursuit  offer a better product at the best possible price. San Giorgio Pinot Griogio di Venezie and Sangiovese di Puglia is a label used exclusively in Oregon and Washington


San Felice Extra, Italy