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Moulin de la Gardette

  Jean Baptiste was born in Avignon in 1964, the son of Genevieve and Laurent Meunier , and is heir to four generations of winemaking tradition and experience in Gigondas. After studying oenology and viticulture at Carcasonne, he worked at Diamond Creek vineyard in Napa Valley, California, where he was exposed to the best of New World winemaking technology. On returning to France, Jean Baptiste worked for vineyards in Châteauneuf du Pape, as well as Gigondas to gain further experience of Rhône wines before taking over at Moulin de la Gardette in 1988. Jean Baptiste produces wines that are classic Gigondas at its best. After de-stemming, the fruit is fed into temperature controlled cement tanks. During fermentation, the must is treated with extreme case and mechanical pumping is especially avoided to preserve the delicate flavors of the developing wine. When all the sugars are fermented, the tanks are capped for few days of further maceration and then the juice is pressed. Finally, the wine is matured in old Burgundian oak barriques. The results are full bodied, ripe, rich, big Gigondas wines!    




Gigondas, France


84190 Gigondas, France