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Monte Zovo

This is the splendid story of a Verona wine-making dynasty with its roots in the early twentieth century. It all began with a fortunate stroke of intuition on the part of Carlo Cottini, whose passion for the local land and its fruits led him to found, in 1925, a farming business focusing on vines and fruit trees. In the Fifties, his son Raffaello succeeded him at the helm, turning the business into the family's first actual wine-making firm. This passionate love of the land was inherited by Raffaello's son Diego, who decided to follow in his father's footsteps, and the family once again proved united in pursuing improvement through a penchant for research. Today, it is Michele and Mattia, together with their parents Diego and Annaberta Cottini, who continue to go down the road marked out by their forebears: a road leading to the realisation of a dream that today goes by the name of Monte Zovo.