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Francesco Bonfio

“I started to be passionate about wine at 14 years old. I cannot remember those days but I have a proof of that. One of my aunt gave to me as a gift a serious wine book entitled Il Vino Giusto. The author was Luigi Veronelli. It was December 1970 and I was 12 years old. I started working in the wine in 1980 when I moved from Padua (NE of Italy, 3 km west of Venice), the town where I was born, to Siena to oversee the family winery. In 1981 I went for the first time in USA to sell the wine and in 1982 I found an importer in Seattle. In 1988 I left the family business and I started my own production of Chianti. In the meantime I opened first a wine bar in Siena and then several wine shops. Now I have a Wine Shop called Enoteca Piccolomini inside the famous bar Nannini in the most central location in Siena, 50 meters off Piazza del Campo.”