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Domaine les Pins

For five generations, Domaine les Pins has been family owned and operated. They are 'vignerons independants', which is the signature of the artisanal winery that performs every stage of the production themselves. Christophe and Philippe Pitault's meticulously crafted wines has allowed  their reputation has grown. In accordance, they have also more than doubled the size of their vineyards from 17 hectares in 1994 to 29 hectares today. They maintain a deep respect for tradition and terroir, while using new technology. They focus heavily on the farming techniques that preserve the vineyards and soil with great care and patience, including the practice of green harvest and leaving grass between the rows forcing the roots of the vines to go deeper. They practice sustainable farming to respect the environment and not as a selling point. Cru Selections is thrilled to offer Domaine les Pins Bourgueil "Cuvée les Rochettes".




Bourgueil, France


Les Pins, 24800 Nanthiat, France