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Domaine Le Galantin

Domaine Le Galantin has been built up over 40 years by Achille and Lilianne Pascal following the strictest wine-growing traditions. In a beautiful site near the sea, the wines are cultivated in terrace vineyards on the arid, sun drenched hillsides around le Plan-du-Castellet. Now the next generation Jerome & Celine Pascal are tending to the winery. They have 56 acres and the average age of the vineyards is 40 years. The soil is mostly limestone, clay and silica. Traditional fermentation in stainless steel vat for 12/20 days with regulated temperature. Oak aged in big barrels called “foudre” from 18 to 24 months. Year after year the Bandol from Galantin is consistently one of the richest and deepest flavored produced today.




Bandol, Provence, France


690, Chemin du Galantin
83330 Le Castellet