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Domaine André Vatan

André Vatan took over the helm of his family's vineyard when his father unexpectedly passed away in 1988. The winery has a collection of 9 buildings that have the appearance of a rural hamlet. This the neighbors lovingly refer to as "Vatanville". Its very neat and tidy, in keeping with André's character, as he is almost obsessive about his attention to detail. From the clean well-organized cellars, to the stakes of his neatly aligned vineyards, everything is perfect. There are four vineyards, all located around the winery with carefully controlled yields, as André would have nothing else! André, along with his wife Ariel, has worked tirelessly to create a highly respected, highly rated winey with highly in-demand wines. Silex soil-located on the other side of the road, next to the Charme forest, it is flint soil with no limestone, yielding strong, exotic, perfumed flavors. This soil gives the most fruit flavors for the Sauvignon Blanc, but he also blends about 20% of vines planted in limestone for a touch of smokiness.


Sancerre, France


Route des Petites-Perrières, Chaudoux, 18300 Verdigny, France