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De Faveri

Amongst the grand hills of Valdobbiadene and Vidor, the De Faveri prosecco is born: a genuine work of art, resulting from a great love for wine, fused with passion and the most modern oenological techniques.   Prosecco is a thriving vine variety which favours hilly terrain. Its grapes provide typical fragrant light wines and sparkling wines which hint at springtime flowers.   Such features are enhanced with the wines originating from the hills of Valdobbiadene and Vidor. It was exactly at the foot of this area that Lucio and Mirella De Faver began, in 1978, using specific oenological techniques and without turning their backs on ancient traditions, to successfully bottle and produce their Prosecco.   Their children Giorgia and Giordano will take over in the future. The commitment and care paid to the Prosecco remain unchanged, guaranteeing and bequeathing high professionalism, which the De Faveri family consistently ensures.