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Château La Caminade

Château la Caminade has been a family run estate for many generations. A place full of history, belonging to the clergy until the French Revolution, the monks knew how to choose the best soils and produce the very best wines. In 1895, Antonin Ressès inherited the estate and spent his life rebuilding and enlarging the Domaine. In 1973, immediately after Cahors was awarded A.O.C. status (1971), Marcel Ressès and his son, Léonce, took charge of the estate. The Château soon won recognition as one of the standard setters of the appellation, being awarded numerous medals, and favorable mentions in the Hachette Guide and Revue des Vins de France. Today, Léonce and his sons, Dominique and Richard, run a domain of 35 hectares. The family traditions, exceptional situation of the vineyards, constant care for the land, and the strictest of winemaking techniques combine to create outstanding Cahors wines. The soil is clay and limestone and the age of the vineyards is 30-50 years.     Please enjoy a brief video tour of the facility at Château la Caminade.        




Cahors, France


Château la Caminade,
314 rue de la forge,
46140 Parnac, France