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Champagne Colin

At Champagne Colin, the Colin Family believes it takes more than a just a fine terroir, to craft champagnes worthy of the name, it also requires the winegrowers’ ancestral expertise & experience combined with modern techniques. It was the Colin women who pioneered the Colin Champagne vineyards, grandmothers Genevieve Prieur and Marie Louise Radet, who would set the stage for a lifelong passion for vines and Champagne. It is now the dynamic duo of brothers Richard and Romain Colin, who after taking the helm in 1997, became passionate grower producers, making an impressive mark in Champagne. Most of the 10-hectare estate is planted with Chardonnay, the King of grapes in Champagne, located in the prestigious Côtes des Blancs villages of Vertus, Bergères-les-Vertus and Cuis, for classified Premier Cru and in the villages of Cramant and Oiry, for the Classified Grand Crus. Thanks to the combination of traditional methods & modern techniques of tending vines and crafting wines, Colin Champagnes are marked by great finesse and elegance, and typical of the Côtes des Blancs’ greatest vineyards.

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Champagne, France


101 Avenue du Général de Gaulle, 51130 Vertus, France