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Brick House Vineyards

All of the Brick House wines are produced and bottles by hand on their 40 acre farm. They count on indigenous yeast fermentations. Rarely do they fine and never do they filter. When the vintage (or part of it) merit special designation, the bottle the Cuvée du Tonnerlier, The Barrelmaker's Batch, as the finest expression of their estate's unique climate and terrain. At Brick House Vineyards, "organically grown" is more than just a phrase on the labels of their wines. They are committed to the old ways. From their first planting in May of 1990 until today, they have relied on the basics. All of their fruit is estate grown. All of it is certified organic. Elemental sprays such as sulfur combat disease. Fundamental farming controls weeds and shapes the hillsides beneath their vines.




Newberg, OR


18200 Lewis Rogers Lane
Newberg, OR 97132