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Bodegas Arzabro Txakolina

In 2007, Bodegas Arzabro, a family owned handcrafted winery, was established. Producing Txakoli wines from their 15 acres of vineyards, they grow "Hodarrabi Zuri" (Petit Courbu) and the minor variety "Izpiriotza txikia" (Petit Manseng). The vineyards are located in Delika village, in the high valley of the Nervion River in the Basque country. the soil is rich in limestone and clay mixed with gravel creating optimal drainage. The philosophy of the Bodega is based on minimal intervention during the production process. They support and practice organic viticulture, composting pruning remains and abstaining from the use of herbicides. The family honors Luzuia Ripa, who was a unique nun who lived in the region in the 16th century. She was responsible for managing the vineyard attached to her religious order. Her detailed records describe the work essential to maintaining a prosperous vineyard, the costs, problems, and achievments. To her, we raise our glass.