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Bethel Heights

Over forty years ago five friends decided to leave their lives of academia behind and buy 75 acres in central Oregon, a site which was to play a leading role in unfolding history of the Willamette Valley. In 1981 they harvested their first crop and started home winemaking. In 1984 they produced their first commercial vintage of 3000 cases. Over thirty years they grew production to 10,000 cases, and made common cause with their fellow pioneers to establish the Willamette Valley as the home of New World Pinot Noir. Meanwhile, five cousins grew up knowing the tidy rows and wild hidden places of Bethel Heights as their backyard and have matured to take their place as co-owners, co-workers, and stewards of the land. This second generation has flourished in their last decade at the helm earning dozens of accolades and high scoring wines year after year.




Salem, OR


6060 Bethel Heights Rd NW
Salem, OR 97304