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Angel Vine

  Ed Fus and his wife, Laureen, of Angel Vine, came to Oregon in 1997 to find land to grow wine grapes and began their development of Three Angels Vineyard in 2001. Three Angels Vineyard is located in Oregon's Eola-Amity Hills. They removed most of an old cherry orchard inundated with Himalayan blackberries, planted the property with Pinot Noir vines, and eventually established a special vineyard. However, the urge to start a winery and an inclination to Zinfandel remained.   Washington has a long history of growing hot climate wine grapes, but Zinfandel has been planted in only a handfull of vineyards (State reports show only 62 acres of Zinfandel are planted!). When the opportunity to purchase some Walla Walla grown Zinfandel arose in 2006, the game was on. A plan was set in motion to blaze a new trail and produce Zinfandel and Primitivo wines sourced from premier Washington vineyards.    




Carlton, OR


2025 SE 7th Ave
Portland, OR 97214